What is Kitting Metal in Manufacturing?

Kitting in metal manufacturing is the bundling of components to create a unified, single package. More specifically, kitting in manufacturing, or material kitting is where a company kits after production is complete. Material kitting can also be described as the process of picking and delivering all of the required components required for the assembly of a given product and putting them together.

Kitting is an important inventory management practice and can reduce the complexity and increase the efficiency of assembly in a given manufacturing process. (example here). This is especially useful when many small components are required to complete a specific portion of an end product. In addition kitting metal components can help our customers save on warehouse storage since the parts are bundled together.

In addition, material kitting can save clients a considerable amount of worker assembly time. For example, if parts are kitted, workers have all of the required components needed instead of having to search for each individual part.

Kitting Examples

Food Service Industry

Scoring & cutting guides for Fudge chocolate w/ instructions

International Machine Tool supplier

Oil Mist Filter Kit for aftermarket CNC equipment installation.

Industrial Turnkey product - spare parts


Maloya Manufacturing kitting examples

How does Kitting Metals Benefit Your Business?

Now that you have an understanding of how kitting is used in a variety of different manufacturing processes, let’s touch on the value kitting brings to your company. Kitting provides a number of different of benefits, including:

Since the wire feed doesn’t act solely as an electrode but also as filler in the weld, MIG welding can also be used to weld different materials together, and do so more quickly, since it doesn’t necessitate heating the materials all the way. Since time equals money, faster means more affordable, making MIG welding often the more cost-effective welding technique.

  • Optimized Storage
  • treamlined, Efficient Assembly and Production
  • Better Inventory Management Processes
  • Increased Business Profitability

Maloya’s Metal Kitting Services

At Maloya, when we kit for our client Typically, this is driven by a customer request or when we see a pattern in components being ordered together.

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