What is AudIT3 and What Does It Mean for Your Project

We are proud of our commitment to quality. One of the ways we demonstrate quality is through the certifications we have worked to attain.

One of the certifications we hold is in ISO 9001:2015. ISO 9001 is an international standard for manufacturing facilities.

We obtained this certification from AudIT3, a company known for being strict in its audits. And the whole process is completely voluntary.

Of course, those names may not mean anything to you. But they are very important in the metal fabrication industry.

To earn the certification, we had to conform to certain standards. The ISO 9001 looks at the following five areas of our company.

Quality Management System

To pass this section, we must demonstrate we have created a quality manual, and this quality manual doesn’t exist only in the heads of a couple of people. It needs to be physical and available as a reference.

We also follow strict guidelines on documentation. These guidelines specify how we control documents and our records. When we need to find something, we can.

Management Responsibility

Our management team receives as much focus as the actual workings of Maloya Laser. Management must demonstrate a commitment to our customers and quality, as well as the ability to lead.

Resource Management

This area does not focus only on resources such as equipment. It recognizes our employees and the work environment we create for them helps ensure a better product for our customers. The resources we have available are evaluated, as well as how the resources are used within the company.

Product Realization

Our entire process is assessed, from our customer service to the design of each project to production and after. Even our methods of purchasing are included.

Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement

We also need to show we have practices in place for determining customer satisfaction, and a plan for situations where customer satisfaction is low. Having these processes in place isn’t enough. They need to include how they are monitored, measured, and analyzed.

Producing Good Work Time and Again

By working with a company conforming to these standards, you know the employees are well-trained and treated fairly, and infrastructure is maintained. You can be assured you will receive a high level of quality consistently.


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