How Does Virtual Prototyping Benefit My Project?

You have a blueprint. What need do you have for virtual prototyping?

Also known as 3D modeling or shop drawings, virtual prototyping takes your design from the flat 2D imagery provided on the blueprints to a model. The model enables all involved in your project to clearly see what the finished product should look like.

You may consider virtual prototyping an unnecessary step. You just want your project done so you can put the product to use. What you don’t realize is virtual prototyping actually makes the metal fabrication process more efficient.

Once a 3D model is created, you can see the finished product from all sides. What does that mean to your metal fabrication project?

You See What Doesn’t Work

Maybe after the model is completed, you realize the material you were planning to use isn’t cost-effective. Or maybe it doesn’t hold up well in the design.

Perhaps you see that the current design just isn’t going to work. What seems like a great idea on a piece of paper often doesn’t translate well into physical objects.

 Since these problems are coming to your attention before production begins, they can be fixed. You’ve just saved time and money.

Provides Visualization

Some people just can’t visualize 2D images very well. Providing 3D models to your team ensures everyone is satisfied with the design before production begins.

Attention to the Details

Sometimes it’s just impossible to work details into a blueprint. Other times you don’t realize you to flesh out a detail. Developing a 3D model forces you to do both.

Improves Efficiency in Manufacturing

Examining the 3D model enables those in the manufacturing process to be prepared once production begins. It gives them a more accurate estimate of the amount of time and materials needed to complete the project.

This results in fewer, or no, instances where production is stopped because more materials need to be ordered. You’ll be better prepared for installation or other after-production steps.

Make Virtual Prototyping Part of the Process

Creating a 3D model isn’t necessary. But it does make the metal fabrication process easier, and results in a better product. It may take a little more time pre-production. Once production begins, you’ll be glad you took the extra step.

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