How Does MRP Streamline Metal Fabrication?

The most proactive manufacturers within the metal fabrication industry continuously look for ways to maintain flexibility as it pertains to changing capacity requirements. Meanwhile, they must ensure an efficient and responsive replenishment system. The process of engineering, production, and fabrication must be streamlined in order to avoid costly and time-consuming interruptions.

Materials Requirements Planning software, commonly known as MRP software, is the solution. MRP is a digital inventory management system for efficient material planning. Manufacturers use MRP software to manage, price, schedule, and place material goods orders for individual metal fabrication projects.

How MRP Is Used In Metal Fabrication?


Once the manufacturer receives a client’s project request, the MRP software aids the fabricator in the preliminary materials planning and estimating process. Using precise data, as well as an entire project overview, the MRP software answers the following questions:

  • What materials are necessary for the project?
  • How many materials are necessary to complete the project?
  • When must materials and labor be implemented?
The automated system eliminates the need for lengthy manual inventory management. It reduces potential delays that arise from human error when manually entering the number and type of materials needed for a project. And it ensures efficient ordering throughout the project to prevent snags along the supply chain. Most importantly, MRP software saves time so that the manufacturer can focus on other value-added tasks for the client.

How MRP Software Benefits The Metal Fabrication Client?

When a metal fabricator utilizes efficient MRP software to streamline a manufacturing project, it translates to real benefits for both the manufacturer and the client. The client realizes both time and cost savings.

Faster, More Accurate Estimates

MRP software provides streamlined inventory control and precise purchase planning to provide clients with faster, more accurate estimates. Before the advent of MRP software, manufacturers made manual estimates, based off of similar past projects, to gauge timeline and materials needed. The process was lengthy and error-prone. 

Now, metal fabricators can offer clients faster, more accurate estimates, incorporating data received from the MRP software. Vital manufacturing data includes: inventory and procurement timelines, availability of parts and components, workstation capabilities and planning. The data provided by the MRP software provides an overall detailed view of a client’s project. In turn, clients are given more transparency before a project begins.

Real-time Feedback And Enhanced Tracking

MRP software offers more efficient data management, allowing the metal fabricator to give their clients up-to-date, detailed documentation throughout the process. Furthermore, it provides a more realistic production and shipping schedule. 

With a clear view of the entire process, a client can easily offer input during production. Metal fabricators can make adjustments within the MRP software, in response to last-minute client requests, without any significant delay or lapse in productivity.

Decreased Manufacturing Costs

MRP software monitors inventory levels and reduces component shortages in real-time. This improves productivity, helping metal fabricators decrease overall manufacturing cost. Metal fabricators, in turn, can pass these savings on to the client.

How MRP Software Translates To Savings?

MRP software streamlines the metal fabrication process by reducing waste, driving down extra inventory costs, and shortening the overall production time. The system offers enhanced inventory management that identifies optimal levels for better economy, with regard to the timeliness of the order, as well as available inventory space. The subsequent reduction in carrying costs allows metal fabricators to provide clients with significant cost savings.

Maloya’s Metal Fabrication MRP Software

Maloya’s MRP system maintains quality and efficiency throughout every client project. The system manages the manufacturing process through organizing inventory levels, monitoring production, and scheduling of deliveries. Feedback provided by Maloya’s MRP system allows for better communication and organization among the staff, as well as better transparency with our clients. This streamlined process ensures a cost-effective operation, ultimately leading to cost savings for our clients. 

We thank our customers for their support over the years and welcome our new customers with open arms. With your help we can get your quote - and your product - out faster. Contact us today.

We thank our customers for their support over the years and welcome our new customers with open arms. With your help we can get your quote - and your product - out faster.  Contact us today.

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