How does ISO Certification benefit Maloya clients?

The ISO 9001:2015 certification indicates that a robust quality management system is implemented and effective by companies who receive this distinction. For Maloya it represents a strong customer focused, proactive effort towards continual improvement in the quality of its products and services. Maloya initiated it’s ISO journey over a half dozen years ago and never had any regrets for manpower and resources invested in this effort. In support of Maloya’s ISO efforts we have developed various tools to track our progress with quality and process improvements. Just a few of these examples will be indicated here. For more detailed information please feel free to reach out to our operations department at any time.

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Managing Continual Improvement

Utilizing an Access database application Maloya maintains a simple system for staff to notify of and/or request improvements in our production process, example below. Maloya developed this proprietary user interface to collect this information while minimizing the administrative burden for production staff. Most entries are drop down menus and dates enter by a double click. Very minimal data entry is required. This system is on the desktop of every PC in each shop floor work center. The CAN represents the “Corrective Action Notification”. This will be selected by a staff member to indicated they have done something to improve our process. The CAR represents a “Corrective Action Request”. This option is selected where a staff member will indicate a better process for a future occurrence of the product or process. This information then copied in our MIE MRP system with a “pop-up” flag. If the item is ordered again 1 year later the data is retained. If it is never reorder no resources are wasted on it. A CAR may include improved handling instructions, better tooling, adjustments to design, production instructions etc. In addition this system allows us track other relevant ISO data including improvements to safety and preventative actions. This CAR/CAN process gives all staff members a process to record and quantify their contributions to the Maloya ISO continual improvement process.



Maloya IQMS SharePoint platform

All of the data related to our quality management system is retained by Maloya on its cloud-based SharePoint platform. This organizes all of the data as per the relevant ISO elements. These documents represent information.

DFC    - Flow charts describing the high-level overview
OP      -  Operating Procedures documents which described how Maloya’s systems interact with ISO elements. These documents also indicated the measurables required and how the what KPI’s are used to generate the needed data.
WI     -  Work Instruction documents are the granular level procedures to indicate how tasks will be done in a given work center or administrative department.
FORM   -  Forms are any and all documents required in the day to day operation of Maloya.


KPI’s Data

Critical to maintaining the Maloya ISO Certification are the measurements of the required ISO elements. This is done through rigorous evaluation of specific KPI’s (Key Process Indicators) All of the Maloya work centers are evaluated for their quality results and efficiency levels relative to estimated process times. As shown below quality results are evaluated according to the various ISO Elements. Any deviations from our internal quality standards or customer complaints and/or returns are quantified and evaluated. The quality management review board of Maloya will then determine if a negative result is an outlier or a systemic event which may need further attention.


Additionally, Maloya vendors are evaluated for their performance criteria as per our ISO OP 7.4 Elements and related WI Work Instructions. In addition, Maloya vendors are evaluate annually for criteria beyond “on time”. They are also evaluated based on subjective date from our purchasing staff related to accuracy of paper work as well as responsiveness.


The end result of all the hard work by Maloya’s dedicated staff towards out quality management system is our ISO 9001:2015 certification.


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