What Industries depend on Metal Fabricators?


What Industries rely on metal fabricators?

Metal fabricators have a wide array of projects they can tackle for various platforms and companies. The opportunities range from large architectural jobs to small contracted manufactured parts design details. Metal fabricators will assist companies with machinery, parts, designs, structures, and architecture. Customers and industries will differ, but all will benefit from our work and our service. Many industries can rely on a custom metal fabrication process for their desired products and service.

Major industries that have benefited from metal fabricators include:

  • aerospace 
  • automotive/transportation
  • Process Machinery/Equipment
  • architecture/ornamental
  • construction industries
  • electronics
  • energy
  • farming
  • heating and cooling, 
  • medical
  • military
  • oil and gas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • railroad
  • telecommunications

Industries That Use Sheet Metal Fabrication

Industries like energy, aerospace and automotive/transportation have been front runners in industry partnership for a few years. They are constantly expanding and transforming, requiring new technologies everyday. Companies such as these look to fabricators for assistance with new parts or help in advancing parts. 

We are always eager to jump on the job and help our customers within these industries. Contact us today!

Alternative Energy: Custom Metal Products

In the alternative energy industry, metal fabricators can assist with manufacturing of precision parts for clean energy, such as solar, wind, and geothermal energies. Components of wind turbines and their support structures, brackets and mounting systems for solar panels are just a couple of examples. This industry is fast growing and will remain in demand for years to come. Similarly, the heating and cooling, as well as oil and gas, industries require custom manufacturing services to build the everyday necessities that most households need in their homes. 

Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace is the science and manufacturing behind assembling machines that fly. This industry is a relatively newer branch of engineering and relies heavily on the designing and fabricating process. It requires the finest quality and high precision fabrication to meet specific tolerances required for aircraft. Maloya is ISO 9001:2015 certified for aerospace component manufacturing.

Transportation Industry

The  transportation industries which include trains, buses and automobiles, in particular, adapt to change and are constantly improving on current models. They demand quality parts on time that can be made in small to large quantities with precision. Also required are reliability, guaranteed supply chain management, and reasonable pricing for machined and sheet metal  components that are used to make our trains, buses and automobiles.

Architectural Design

Integrating metal work with architectural design can lead to several possibilities in the architecture industry. Transforming style can bring attention to this type of work in the architecture industry. The blend of metal and attention to details allows this industry to use metal fabricators when building, planning, and accomplishing many projects. As well as  ornamental projects, construction projects also depend on fabrication when building a foundation as well as decorative pieces.

Metal Fabrication for Construction

Other businesses that are reliant on custom fabrication are construction firms. When metal fabrication is necessary for many building projects.  Metal fabrication plays a significant role in architecture and construction, as they both require reliable support and building can be enhanced with fabrications services like laser cutting or saw cutting.

Essential Metal Fabrication for the Healthcare Industry

The medical/healthcare industry relies on these services to build machines and equipment used in hospitals such as surgical machines, x-ray machines, MRI machines, Ultrasounds, Ablation systems, Nuclear Medicine cabinets, Operator interface systems, Patient alignment systems and more. Pharmaceutical industries similarly build complex equipment, such as filling machines for medicine, for example. 

Moving forward into 2021 and beyond, as we recover from a global slowdown we can anticipate a rise of work in the healthcare industry. Considering the current situation, this industry will require fabrication to build medical machines or expand medical facilities. The medical field is constantly advancing their equipment and can always use the help of a metal fabrication business.

Consumer Products and Electronics Manufacturing

The electronics industry, by its very nature, relies heavily on custom metal fabrication for a variety of applications and devices. Living in a digital world, many electronic devices need some type of metal fabrication. Depending on the size of the device, a fabrication project could range anywhere from a large machine to the tiniest part. However, both are significant and necessary and we can fabricate parts for any of them.

Custom Metal Products for Additional Industries

Some other industries that require metal fabrication include , telecommunications companies, agriculture and farming machinery, military equipment and railroad building and operating. In addition to these major industries, there are several other trades or crafts that can benefit from these services. Here at Maloya we are open to any business/industry that can profit from our services. We have a range of abilities and may be able to assist you with your desired project.

Maloya: We’re here to serve your industry

Customers and industries will differ, but no matter what your business is, we can promise you will benefit from our work and our service. Since 1965, Maloya has been a premiere fabricator of custom metal products. Since the beginning, our mission has been to provide businesses like yours the highest quality products at fair prices and on time. If you are in the tristate area (NY, NJ & CT) and looking for metal fabrication near me, Maloya is here for you. We are fully operational as a New York State Essential Manufacturer.