Safe Fabrication and Manufacturing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Maloya-COVID-19-Signage-smAs the world continues to adapt to life during the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing has become a part of our everyday vocabulary. While we go about our lives — whether we are conducting business or going to the supermarket — we are at all times ensuring that we follow necessary precautions.

At Maloya, we are taking the same precautions. Adhering to appropriate safety guidelines has become a part of our daily life while we continue to manufacture high-quality products and provide superior customer service.

Maloya COVID-19 Hand SanitizerIn order to reduce the number of people in our offices, some of our staff is working remotely. For those who remain in our offices and for those working in our manufacturing shops, we have instituted various protective measures to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

Throughout our facilities there are posters with information about COVID-19 and summaries of necessary precautions that must always be followed. We have implemented daily logs to record the health status of our personnel, and PPE (personal protective equipment), such as gloves, masks, and face shields, has been made readily available for everyone.

We have instituted company meetings to discuss the importance of PPE and the policies and procedures we have put in place, as actively maintaining knowledge serves as a powerful first line of defense.

Here are some additional steps we have taken:

Our Offices

Maloya COVID-19 Office Safety Tape on FloorClear partitions have been set up in our sales office, and we are in the process of adding them to our other offices as well. Social distancing tape has been placed on the floors of our offices to provide a clear marker of each person’s space, and in high-traffic areas, sanitizing stations have been set up to provide our staff with disinfectant solutions and wipes.

Microsoft Teams, a workplace communication software, has been installed for our employees working with customers’ drawings and questions. The software utilizes screen sharing so as to eliminate the need for our employees to sit next to each other in order to look at the same thing.

Our Manufacturing Shop and Shipping Facilities

Maloya COVID-19 Ceiling FansFor the most part, there is no need for social distancing measures to be instituted in our shops due to the existing space between the workstations. However, additional precautions have been taken, such as the installation of fans on the shop floor that are constantly on, circulating the air and causing it to change seven times per hour. Sanitizing stations, like the ones in our offices, have been set up on the shop floor as well.

Maloya-COVID-19-Blog-SignOur shipping and receiving areas have been closed off, with signs notifying visitors that they are not allowed in the facility unless it is for government inspections or for repair of equipment or systems. To further protect the health of our staff, plexiglass screens have been installed to allow for transactions to safely take place when necessary.

Maloya is operating at full capacity

*** As a designated essential manufacturing company in New York State, we are pleased to be able to continue providing high-quality service and products during this difficult time, while simultaneously maintaining appropriate precautions as members of our community.