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Rising Steel Prices Present Supply Challenges For Manufacturers

Trump-era steel tariffs continue to affect steel rates today. While tariffs represent potentially high profit margins for U.S. raw material steel manufacturers, record-high domestic steel prices present challenges for metal fabricators who rely on the raw material. Many buyers have already begun seeking alternative sources from...


Is 3D CAD Modeling Necessary to Bring Your Metal Fabrication Project to Life?

In the world of metal manufacturing, CAD 3D modeling has become a necessity for bringing your project to life. There are several benefits to producing a 3D printed model of your desired project before the manufacturers get to work. CAD 3D modeling has become so prevalent that companies are using their printers to gain business....


Manufacturing Safety

The metal fabrication and manufacturing industry is filled with unique safety risks and activities. It is critical for a metal fabricator to have a complete understanding of safety protocols and practices to protect the safety of both workers and customers. Just as important as understanding procedures and guidelines is having...


What Cad Files And Data Formats Are Needed For A Successful Metal Fabrication Project?

How does Maloya ensure the success of their customer’s fabrication projects? By using a variety of tools along with our decades of expertise in the field. Take a closer look at some of the ways we bring your ideas to life. Data Formats As a fabricator, Maloya utilizes a wide variety of CAD formats. Clients can provide a wide...


Metal Fabrication Project Planning

When you send out a request for a quote, we understand that there is a lot behind that request. You’ll want to know how much it will cost and how long it will take to get your product. Trust that we understand our customers are busy, with deadlines, schedules, changes, their own customers and vendors and it's critical to get an...


How does ISO Certification benefit Maloya clients?

The ISO 9001:2015 certification indicates that a robust quality management system is implemented and effective by companies who receive this distinction. For Maloya it represents a strong customer focused, proactive effort towards continual improvement in the quality of its products and services. Maloya initiated it’s ISO...


What Industries depend on Metal Fabricators?

  What Industries rely on metal fabricators? Metal fabricators have a wide array of projects they can tackle for various platforms and companies. The opportunities range from large architectural jobs to small contracted manufactured parts design details. Metal fabricators will assist companies with machinery, parts, designs,...


Value Engineering: It Starts From The Beginning

What is Value Engineering? Wikipedia defines value engineering as:  “Value engineering is sometimes taught within the project management, industrial engineering or architecture body of knowledge as a technique in which the value of a system’s outputs is optimized by crafting a mix of performance (function) and costs. It is...


Manufacturing Process: How Do You Measure Quality

In evaluating the quality of fabricated metal products there are a number of manufacturing performance criteria to be considered.  This will be highly dependent on the type of product being purchased.  Here are some examples of leading indicators in manufacturing. Want more information on Keyword? Check out  our Quality...


Safe Fabrication and Manufacturing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the world continues to adapt to life during the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing has become a part of our everyday vocabulary. While we go about our lives — whether we are conducting business or going to the supermarket — we are at all times ensuring that we follow necessary precautions. At Maloya, we are taking the same...

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